Our Treatments

Jean d’Estrees Paris treatments consist of a deep cleansing and detoxifying facial that is personalised according to your skin type to treat Sensitive, Dehydrated and Oily or Combination.

Jean d’Estrees Paris Synergessence Facial – A custom-made skin care treatment and a made to measure treatment for oily or combination skin, for dehydrated skin, for sensitive skin, dry skin and anti-ageing care skin. There is a synergy between 3 main elements.

A Synergy between the specific solutions and rejuvenating mask.  The solutions have a high concentration of actives with a strengthened action thanks to the Rejuvenating Mask. This is a supple mask with a high water content and maintains maximum moisturisation on the skins surface preventing moisture loss on the skin’s surface because of its elastic texture. Highly moisturised, the skin becomes supple and more receptive to the solutions. This high moisturisation provides a deeper penetration of the actives inside the epidermis. The Rejuvenating Mask and the Solutions act in synergy for a maximum penetration in the deep layers of the epidermis.

A Synergy between the revealing mask and the rejuvenating mask. The revealing mask completes and optimizes the rejuvenating mask. Its specific formula was developed to strengthen the moisturisation of the upper skin layers and increase the remodelling and reshaping effects of the rejuvenating mask.

Both masks are complimentary.

A synergy between the manual massages with the spatulas and super-position of both masks. The manual massages are carried out with the spatulas once both masks are applied.

  • The features are smoothed and relaxed
  • Wrinkles and small lines are attenuated
  • The oval of the face is reshaped
  • Signs of tiredness disappear
  • The complexion and skin are radiant
  • The skin is completely moisturised

Price: £95.00 for 120 mins or £75 mins for 90 mins. 60 min treatments can also be provided if required.

Jean d’Estrees Paris Prevention Facial – A vitamin and anti-oxidant treatment combining pleasure and efficiency ideal for dull and stressed skin. The modelling honey massage with ginger and vitamin C, combined with the hydro-smoothing concentrate (soy – hyaluronic acid) and a special antioxidant cranberry mask help preserve the skin’s youthfulness.

  • Boosted, skin recovers its vitality
  • Complexion of the skin is radiant
  • The light energy in the cells are reactivated
  • Acts against the first wrinkles, combats ageing and signs of fatigue are smoothed out
  • Features are relaxed and a real moment of comfort

Price: £95.00 for 120 mins or £75 mins for 90 mins. 60 min treatments can also be provided if required.

Jean d’Estrees Paris Reparation Facial – The total Anti-ageing answer for renewed youthfulness. The signs of ageing are faded away, the skin is firmer and more tonic.

All features are visibly smoothed out.

A dual action peel enables the removal of the skin’s imperfections, signs of ageing, surface wrinkles and fine lines. The dual action works in 2 stages. Enzyme action: enables dead cells to be detached by destroying the proteins in the intercellular cement thanks to the papaya extract. The  skin’s texture becomes finer and the complexion clearer. Mechanical action: enables dead cells to be eliminated thanks to natural bamboo particles and luffa fibres, combined with circular movements.

A gel composed of marine ADN is applied, enriched with copper salt, it contains molecules that twist and penetrate. The in depth penetration stimulate the synthesis of proteins (collagen, proteoglycanes) and strengthen the skin. There are also protective properties such as anti-radical, anti-oxidant and anti-elastase that are important moisturising actions and form a very tensing surface film.

The perfect firming anti-wrinkle mask composed of 3 seaweeds Spirulina extract of India, Marine silt and Laminaria have a strong firming and moisturising action.

Immediate results:

  • The skin looks much younger
  • The features are relaxed
  • The skin surface is smoothed
  • The skin is firm and lines are visibly reduced
  • The complexion is radiant

Price: £95.00 for 120 mins or £75 mins for 90 mins. 60 min treatments can also be provided if required.