This website has been built by David Vidgen Ltd. We believe they are the best inbound marketing agency in Birmingham, specialising in inbound marketing for beauty, hair, health, fitness and weight loss industries.  David Vidgen is a website designer – building customer focused websites that aim to increase visitors, leads and new customers.  They also provide us services that include stealth links, forging partnerships with organisations that have a similar customer base, and this a common ground. You can view our case study here.

Slim Bodyline appointed David Vidgen Ltd to redesign our tired and outdated website that was under performing and bringing few customers to our door per month. The previous site was not built with search engine visibility, and thus was not taking advantage of the potential traffic that Google, Bing and Yahoo could generate, as well as other strategic inbound marketing activities.

We operate in a highly competitive London beauty market, so we knew that in order to improve our online reputation we would need not only a new website, but a website that was mobile responsive and customer friendly, highly visible in search engine results pages; as well as establishing carefully selected partnerships that would also bring customers to our door. We have no expertise in this field, hence why we appointed David Vidgen Ltd.

We worked with David Vidgen Ltd initially on market research, primarily to identify market defining keywords that would bring us potential leads and new customers, this included a large selection of broad and long-tail phrases. Once the target keyword list was agreed, we simply then let David Vidgen Ltd go to work with his considerable expertise and ability to create professional looking websites and incorporate the various different keyphrases into the search mix. He also help us set-up Google Places to ensure that we were maximising every opportunity to show up in Google’s search engine results pages, especially at local level and Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics – both of these are exceptionally important tools because they provide us the opportunity to communicate with Google (i.e. submit xml sitemaps), plus discover an abundance of keyword and consumer related data that we otherwise would not have access to too.

We also utilised David’s professional photography services (at no extra cost) and within two weeks he soon produced us a modern, fresh mobile and search responsive website with all the necessary on-page seo factors engineered and search engine indexing limits reached. Like most other small businesses we did not have a big budget, so the fact the any photography needs were incorporated into the project, made for a really good investment. It was only a couple of weeks after the new website went live and was highly visible in Google that we subsequently began to receive enquiries and bookings from the website. We could see that our website literally went from ranking outside the top 100 to being ranked on page 1 for many of our targeted market defining keywords.

One key area of development was making the website mobile friendly. We had a hunch that with the ever increasing use of mobile phones and tablets devices, many of our customers were likely to use these devices for their search engine queries and internet browsing. We ensured that Google Analytics was activated and within a month we had an abundance of data to support our gut feeling. Nearly 80% of our traffic came from mobile devices, namely iPhone’s and iPads.

We continue to work with David Vidgen Ltd to improve and add positive online content to our website on a weekly basis, and he has made us very mindful of the need to incorporate search into all of our online content. David Vidgen Ltd provide us weekly inbound marketing reports that enable us to keep track of our websites performance, keyword rankings, organic traffic data, and data that highlights how we perform against three of our main competitors. This data is very important to us because it enables us to track our competitors and develop our business.

David Vidgen Ltd have also built / optmised many other health related websites including:

  • Unahealth – Blood, Respiratory, Urinary Testing Equipment for GPs, Laboratories & Hospitals – Often, better healthcare is less about pioneering breakthroughs or techniques and more about finding ways to better use existing technology to improve outcomes. And that’s what Una Health is all about: taking an innovative approach to diagnostics to challenge traditional pathways and improve patient outcomes.