Eye Soothing £15 £15 A refreshing and revitalizing massage for tired eyes. De-puffing, anti-ageing and refreshing.
Neck & Shoulder  (25 min) £30 £30 De-stress by an pressured deep massage around the neck and head to unravel knots and help you unwind
Back, Neck & Shoulder (30 min) £35 £35 A miraculous 30 minutes cure to aches and pains. Sweeping movements across the back are used to promote circulation and restore energy balance throughout the body.
Face (15 min) £20 £20 Facial Massage focuses on facial marma points and releasing blocked energy to promote circulation and encourages anti-ageing.
Foot (15 min) £20 £20 Increases blood circulation and encourages a feeling of general relaxation and well beinga hand soak and relaxing hand massage
Hand (15 min) £15 £15 Relieves aches and pains and help to tone the muscles
Work Out £30 £35 If your body is aching after work out or sudden physical work than try our pain relief massage
Pregnancy £60 To take you through the process of changes in your body pain free and enjoyable
Indian Head £35 £30 Indian Head Massage (Champi) is a blissfully relaxing form of holistic massage applied normally to the head, neck, shoulders and upper arms.
Jet Lag £55 £55 A rejuvenating and energising treatment to help adjust the mind and body.

Full Body Massage London – Available for Female clients only

Aromatherapy (60 min) £55 Aromatherapy works on the basis that the smell of the essential oils trigger the limbic system – the part of the brain that seems to be linked with emotion.
Swedish (50 min) £50 The skin s natural functions will be stimulated improving the condition of the skin and the warmth created will help relax the body physically and mentally.
Deep Tissue (50 min) £65 This massage technique that focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue.
Lymphatic Drainage (60 min) £70 LDM renews, nourishes, strengthens and regenerates the cells, removes waste products, relaxes the nervous system and increases the immune system.
Sports (60 min) £55 To bring fun back to your sports. Gain without Pain with our SPECIAL OIL

Client Reviews

“Words are too short to express the feelings at SBL. A real piece of heaven or call it an oasis in the desert. Great team, friendly, lovely customer service and a very relaxing massage. Keep it up!” Sabrina 08/05/14


“The treatment was an experience. I was amazed by the results. Lovely people and amazing massage. Thank you.” Naz 17/05/14


“Great Massage.” Karen Voytek 31/05/14


“Amazing massage with Mita. Very relaxing. Also perfect brow tint and threading. Fantastic!” Zoe Gregory 15/08/14