Eye Soothing £15 £15 A refreshing and revitalizing massage for tired eyes. De-puffing, anti-ageing and refreshing.
Head, Neck & Shoulder (25 min) £30 £30 De-stress by an pressured deep massage around the neck and head to unravel knots and help you unwind
Back, Neck & Shoulder (30 min) £35 £35 A miraculous 30 minutes cure to aches and pains. Sweeping movements across the back are used to promote circulation and restore energy balance throughout the body.
Face (10 min) £15 £15 Facial Massage focuses on facial marma points and releasing blocked energy to promote circulation and encourages anti-ageing.
Indian Head (15 min) £15 £15 Indian Head Massage (Champi) is a blissfully relaxing form of holistic massage applied normally to the head, neck, shoulders and upper arms.